The Winding Ways Quilt

Book online The Winding Ways Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

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The Winding Ways Quilt



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The crowd is all back at Elm Creek Farm for another summer of quilt camp, but the main story here is of the staff members and their families. Judy and Summer are leaving in the fall, and Sarah is expecting twins later in the year. Bonnie’s husband has left her and she is trying to gather up the pieces of her life for a new start. I read this from one evening to the next – this series is nothing if not light – but I still enjoy them once in awhile, and this was much better than "The New Years Qui

Comment 2:

Hmm, not as good as some of Chiaverini's other books. Maybe a few too many characters to keep track of with futures still open and too many back-stories to cover quickly to bring us up to speed. We're getting just a tiny slice of each character in midlife, so the stories feel unfinished. Oddly, the previous book in the series developed five characters who were applying to work at the Elm Creek Quilts camp, but it was more enjoyable and felt more finished. However, I do enjoy the quilting setting

Comment 3:

This is the 12th book in the Elm Creek Quilts series and picks up right after where the Circle of Quilters left off. We see each of the original group of Quilters in transition and just a glimpse of 2 of the new characters, chef Anna, and Gretchen. Time-wise, this book has very little progression but it was interesting to see the individual focus on each of the quilters as they deal with the major changes coming in their lives. We also get a little more history on each and how they came to be in

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