Talk Radio (TCG Edition)

Book online Talk Radio (TCG Edition) by Eric Bogosian

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Talk Radio



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4 stars



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Comment 1:

"In this time, our work is more relevant than ever"- a tweet I saw on small town play productions that is relevant to this book. I didn't really know anything besides Suburbia (which I didn't like) so I went into this warily. It was pretty good. I like that you kind of got to put your own spin on Barry- what are his views on everything else? Why is he like this? And so on. I think it's kind of messy for just putting a straight white guy on a pedestal for having the guts to "tell it like it is" *

Comment 2:

This is the play I've chosen for the spring production -- it veers close to the edge of Howard Sterns, but although this radio host is ultimately the vitriolic ass that he proclaims to be, it becomes clear how and why he has become this way. Some good monologues throughout.

Comment 3:

A play that asks us to examine what and to whom we divulge our secrets to. This play is more resonant than ever in our media saturated age where tell-all is daily routine.

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