Rabble in Arms

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Rabble in Arms



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Terrific book, as expected, though, somewhat surprisingly, I think I liked van Wyck's The Young Titan better even though Roberts is the better-known author. There was one fabulous line at the end, though. Roberts was a native and long-time resident of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine, where I now reside. The narrator in this book, toward the end, says "in ... Maine ... folk content themselves with looking bleak when deeply moved." I nearly died laughing because almost all stereotypes such as t

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Disappointing. I had done some online research looking for a good novel set during the American Revolution, and this is the novel that many people recommended. I bought the whole trilogy and read Arundel first. Arundel dealt with the attempt to capture Quebec city, and this sequel continues with the fighting on and around Lake Champlain leading to the eventual defeat of Burgoyne, the general who said the colonial army was a "rabble in arms." Maybe one shouldn't read two of these close together o

Comment 3:

It took me a long time to read this book. Roberts describes events in great detail, primarily through conversation between his colorful characters and through first-person narration, to the point that one can envision the action and know the characters well. Roberts draws one in to want to understand everything that is happening and to want not to miss a detail. It takes concentration to catch it all; but it is worth the effort. I wondered if Roberts accessed colonial diaries in his research. Th

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