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There was a whole shelf of Pogo books, collections of the comic strip about the swamp-dwelling possum and his pals, old ones from the 1950s and 60s, at my grandparents' house when I was a kid (my grandfather was a big fan). I, knowing that most everyone in my family found them amusing, and a source of catch phrases (we still go around telling each other that we are "jes' fine"), dipped in to them from time to time. I sometimes found them amusing too, and particularly liked the character of Churc

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After my Mom & Dad got married, she saved every daily & Sunday Pogo comic strip in a pair of scrap books; and then Walt Kelly and Simon & Schuster released them in a paperback edition. Then she and Dad collected every book as they came out, as well as several of the nickel comics; and I still have all of them.

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Walt Kelly's wordplay is priceless. Several quotes from the early Pogo strips have worked their way into my lexicon. "Reciprovocation is the spites of life, monsieur!"

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