Asterix and the Roman Agent

Book online Asterix and the Roman Agent by René Goscinny,Albert Uderzo

Original Title:

La zizanie (Astérix, #15)



Book raiting:

4 stars


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Comment 1:

The sixtheenth volume, and one of my personal favorites. It is very witty and well written. In fact, for a comic strip, it is quite brilliant. The ugly, creepy looking guy is probably the best and most formidable oppononent the village faced. And the Wiki summary starts:"The resistance of the Gaulish village against the Romans causes friction between dictator Julius Caesar and the Roman Senate. With their Magic Potion which gives them superhuman strength and is known only to their druid Getafix, they easily stand up against Rome and her laws.At a meeting with his associates it is suggested to Caesar that causing internal conflict between the Gauls will lead to their breakdown. He is then told about Tortuous Convolvulus, a natural troublemaker who can cause dissension and stir up fights between anyone. These have included the lions which were to devour him in the circus and ended up eating each other. His mere presence even causes an argument and a fight between Caesar's associates [and almost has Caesar arguing with him before Caesar realizes just how brilliant this fellow is]. Impressed by his abilities Caesar sends him to deal with the Gauls.During the crossing Convolvulus subtly causes no end of dissent between the crew, the galley slaves and the Pirates who, in the course of a fight between themselves, sink their own ship.Meanwhile in the Gaulish village, unaware of all this, things are being organised for Chief Vitalstatistix's birthday, a celebration of friendship all round..."Further Wiki Notes:"-The original French title of this story was La Zizanie ("The Ill-feeling" or "The Dissension"). -In the English version Caesar keeps making the famous "Et tu Brute" remark to Brutus who reacts in silent annoyance at this patronising attitude. -Centurion Platypus is a caricature of the actor Lino Ventura, well-known for playing the parts of tough policemen. [2] -When Impedimenta screams at Vitalstatistix about idiots (words used in the original French edition) who might one day have the absurd idea of writing the history of the village, Goscinny and Uderzo are clearly referring to themselves. -This is the first appearance of several female villagers — Impedimenta's inner circle of prominent wives. In particular, the wives of Geriatrix and Fulliautomatix and an obese lady whose husband is not mentioned, but who appears in many crowd and background scenes in later albums, are first seen here. -In the scenes where people have been deceived into arguing, the speech bubbles are painted in increasingly dark green. In contrast, in the final banquet panel, Vitalstatistix makes his moving birthday speech in pink. "

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