Best Finance Books List For Beginners


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The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses


4.02 rating

Comment 1: Прочел на русском. В целом – маст-рид для предпринимателей. Обычно принято считать, что менеджмент – скучный и бюрократичный, а стартапы – движуха и хаос. Эрик Рис же разработал МЕТОДИКУ разворачивания стартапа. Появилась какая-никакая рабочая система, это мегаценно для мира. Книга важная. Поставил бы пять звезд за концептуальщину, да только не смотря на качество информации, сам текст туповато сложен, ерундово как-то. Не позаботился автор об удобстве восприятия, хотелось более внятной структуры Comment 2: Prisipažinsiu, kad itin retai skaitau tokio pobūdžio knygas, bet labai norėjosi susipažinti su Lean metodika, tai nieko nelaukusi įsigijau el.šios knygos versiją. Visgi gal tai ne ta knyga, nuo kurios reikėjo pradėti. Visų pirma, didelė dalis rašliavos pasirodė tiesiog tušti pliurpalai, kurie kartas nuo karto taip užliūliuodavo, jog pradėdavau snausti. Antra, niekaip nesuprantu, kam autorius ėmėsi aprašinėti konkrečias tam tikrų kompanijų veiklos detales, kurių eilinis skaitytojas praktiškai vis


Mentor Me: GA=T+E—A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement


4.19 rating

Comment 1: Mentor Me: is my new favorite book! Ken Poirot has not only written an amazing book, but he's provided a brilliant yet so simple guideline for anyone to follow! As I read through each chapter, I kept thinking, "Of course, that only makes sense!" I loved how the book was put together, with places to write in your own dreams, desires and needs. Perfectly reaffirming how you can reach your own goals. It's all right here in this book. Thank you so much for writing a book that breaks its all down int Comment 2: Mentor Me GA+T+E is a great book that will give the reader direction to help them reach their greatest life's goal. The author, Ken Poirot did a fabulous job writing this easy-to-follow book to help people figure out, not only what they want in life, but how to get there. This book shares a very simple formula that makes so much sense. You start by figuring out what you want to be your greatest life achievement, and then you work backwards using your time and energy to meet your goal. Comment 3: For anyone who follows my reviews, my obsession with self-help books is not really a secret, but I'll share it again here: I have this thing about personal growth and read a lot of self help books. Now, I know what you're thinking - so many of them are all the same. That's true, but there are a lot of them that are different, or at the very least share things in a different way.


Four Seasons, Four Lessons: A Parable About Changing One's Fortune


5 rating

Comment 1: What you give is what you get is an everyday phrase that definitely applies to Creating Wealth From Scratch. This tale isn’t long but it can make quite the impact in your life if you let yourself really take in the lessons presented to embrace your potential. Patience is a virtue and it is also a path to enlightenment, wealth and happiness. The story is simple and sounds like an age old fairy tale. The thing is that when you look at the story through the lens of your reality, its applications ar Comment 2: Knowing Chris Humphreys as I do, it was not surprising at the brilliance and yet easiness of this wonderful self-help book


Receiving Financial Blessing


4 rating

There are over 70 blessings that could result after giving God your tithes. When Christians are not giving Jesus what is “necessary,” it keeps them from receiving the blessings He intends for His followers to have. "Receiving Financial Blessing: How to Walk in Truth, Righteousness and Honesty With Money" is the most comprehensive book on biblical financial blessings. All Christians, especially church leaders, need to know the truth about tithing and how it still applies to them today. Stephen Kirkendall has helped Christians with their financial investments for many years. But Kirkendall realized early on that most Christians were not being financially blessed. So he decided to dig deeper to find out the truth on biblical blessings of money. The result is this biblically-driven study, which is a must-have for every believer.


Killing the Market: Legendary Investor Robert W Wilson


4.33 rating

Comment 1: In the foreword of his extraordinary new book on the life of “legendary investor” Robert W. Wilson, “Killing The Market,” Roemer McPhee refers to Wilson as “the Michelangelo of our times” and then proceeds in the pages that follow to paint a masterful life-long series of illustrations that show how Wilson became a “remarkable innovator” and “mythically talented stock picker.”