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3.79 rating

Comment 1: The final book in the Fire thief trilogy will decide whether Prometheus will live or not. Prometheus is now visiting Eden City in 1785 to find a human hero. While Prometheus is looking for his hero, Sam and his mother, Jenny Wonder are selling a "special" medicine that can apparently cure all problems. Their show is cut short when Zeus comes in to warn them about the seven strongest monsters from Ancient Greece that are coming to wreak havoc in Eden City. Comment 2: The final installment in the Fire Thief Trilogy finds Prometheus still looking for his hero. Back in Eden City he must join with Zeus against the Avenger and a whole plethora of Greek monsters to save the town. Will Prometheus find his hero and return to ancient Greece? A surprising conclusion to a fun and humorous trilogy. Comment 3: Bu sefer Teus kahramanı aramak için yine Aden'e gelir ve orda küçük bi çocuk ve annesiyle tanışarak, Gazap ve Gazap'ın peşine taktığı 7 tane cehennem yaratığıyla savaşır.. Ve Zeus'da onlara yardım eder çünkü canavarlar Zeus'un da peşindedir.. Comment 4: i cryed at the end it was so good! What a great story of insperation and hope of accepting the things we cant change and changing the things that need changing. Deffinatly onre to keep on the shelf.


Shadow Games


4.06 rating

Comment 1: This book was some what let down for me as it did not live up to the standards set by first three books in the series, this book basically consists of journey of company back to Khatovar where they are going to place the annals of the company.More than 25% of book consisted of traveling different regions up to Beryl, where everything actually began in the first book.I forgot to mention in my last review but got to give credit to narrator of books Mark Vietor so far he has done an awesome job and he manages to convey the darkness associated with the black company books.The story basically begins after barrowland where the company was almost decimated and now only seven of company men are left, having being elected captain Croaker decides that he needs to take the company back to Khatovar joining the ranks of company is the mysterious lady who lost all her magical powers after Silent took her name in the last book.The initial part of the journey where they head to Castle at charm to collect the annals was really enjoyable especially the way they tackle bandits.The journey after that gets interesting when they finally manage to reach Gea-Xle where they basically discover The Nar.The Nar are basically somewhat like universal soldiers or perfect soldiers and they have been birthed by company men when they stayed in Gea-Xle for the longest duration of 56 years.Company helps fight the pirates for Gea-Xle but on their way they meet up with Radisha Drah,Willow Swann an imperial from the battle at charm and Cordy Mather and after traveling up river they arrive at Taglios where people seem to cheering for them.Croaker finds this suspicious from the start but things start getting clear when Prahbrindrah Drah tell him his real motive which is basically to fight the shadow masters who are a threat to Taglios.The story definitely picks up after Taglios and ends definitely in a bitter state for the company, Cook has a penchant for writing fast and engrossing endings.The the issue I had with this book was basically all the haphazard names which he uses they are definitely hard to remember.The story also picked up for me at the ending of the book for me so i give it 3/5 stars.


Shadows Linger


4.15 rating

Comment 1: I started this book immediately after I had finished with The black company as I had found the first book to be engaging after 50 pages or so but this book the I think cook has hit his stride from the start, the last book was basically given us to from the pov of Croaker who is basically annalist/fighter/physician for the black company.But this story progressed from the pov of Maron shade whom I think is one of the most interesting characters who develops excellently throughout the story we get all the sides of shade.The previous book had bigger single chapters but in this cook has basically split the book in pov chapters.The story continues after the battle of charm where the lady has thoroughly routed the rebel the company is solely serving the lady finding and destroying whatever rebel pockets of resistance which are left but in doing so many in the company have started second guessing themselves although the rule of company is WE FIGHT NEITHER FOR GOOD OR EVIL WE ARE THE BLACK COMPANY, WE FIGHT SELL OUR SWORDS TO ONE WHO PAYS US. and this has even started to manifest between the wizards of company goblin and one eye.They are basically been feuding for centuries but in one feud goblin basically loses his mind and tries to take one eye down for real where in croaker starts noticing something has been happening in the company.This book also has darling and raven who have holed up juniper running away from the lady, because raven and many in the company suspect that darling is just more than a dumb and deaf child.They are holed up in Iron Lily which is bar owned by a coward maron shade who is basically borrowing more and more money from the lenders to get himself and his mother through the winter, he basically hanging from a thread when his money lender crab starts demanding that he pay up or abandon the iron lily as a payment.Desperate times call for desperate measures and he finds help from raven who asks him to accompany him to steal things from catacombs.Juniper basically has a black castle growing in the outskirts of the city, and shade discovers how the castle keeps growing.The black company soon get involved in the plot when they are dispatched to juniper by the lady who is asked for help from the duke of juniper.The story really moves at a pace when company lands in juniper, the most fascinating sequence is basically when raven and shade move through the rooftops of juniper hunting minions of crabs.Cook basically murders his characters without any hesitancy that is another fascinating aspect of this series.The book basically ends with a bang with company finally coming to a conclusion for their future course of actions.I give this book 4/5 stars.