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Inhalt: Wir schreiben das Jahr 2150, ein Zeitalter, in dem weibliche Jugendlichen nicht mehr frei sind und ihre Jugend beschwingt genießen können. Mit 16 Jahren erhält jedes Mädchen ein ‘XVI’ Tattoo, damit die männliche Bevölkerung sofort erkennen kann, dass ein Mädchen mindestens 16 Jahre alt ist und somit Sex haben darf. Von Geburt an wird jedem Mädchen eingetrichtert, dass ihr Lebensziel darauf besteht in das FeLs Programm aufgenommen zu werden, die anscheinend einzige Möglichkeit, in der Ges

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In the future Chicago in XVI, the novel by Julia Karr, the government forges people’s thoughts using media, and monitors its citizens closely through the use of things like GPS and tattoos which indicate that it’s legal for girls to have sex. The choices for a girl from a low tier are limited if she’s not smart or artistic enough to get a scholarship: stay in the same tier you’ve grown up in or move up by marrying someone rich or becoming a female liaison specialist (FeLS), a girl trained for di

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This book made me forget to eat, therefore it is evil! I can probably write that first sentence in Latin but that’s not the point! I went an entire day eating nothing and reading this and I didn’t know until late at night when I was so tired that I accidentally deep-fried some eggs. This book must have some magic in its spine, embedded under its inked words. Maybe the cover can perform hypnosis! Okay now that would be cool but onto me review! If I sound crazy, it’s because I am and me like it.

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