Whispers on the Wind

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Whispers on the Wind



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Whispers on the Wind, By Donna FletcherThis was a wonderful book. It was a mystery and love story all rolled in one. You have the Heroin Billie, who lost her family (Mother, Step Father), sold everything and moved. She inherited a mansion from her stepfather’s uncle. Max is a ghost who has not went into the light. He is a rogue, and devilishly handsome, and until she is able to find the reason of his demise, he will haunt her. What she doesn’t realize is he not only haunts her room, but her hear

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Okay, I have to go right into how I felt about this book. I absolutely loved this book, it was so enticing and grabbed my attention in an instant! Even the synopsis just pulled me in. The characters in this story are so well defined and I loved how Belinda was portrayed. Belinda is the outspoken, intelligent, clever woman, an absolute match for Maximillian who as you guessed is an arrogant yet handsome man. I enjoy reading stories that set back in the 19th or even older centuries where the women

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Well I didn't care for the heroine in this book at all, she was having intimate relations with one man while allowing another man to court her with intentions to marry him. Then after she marries him still allows other man to kiss and basically molest her before she puts a stop to it. The fact that she later finds out that they are one and the same man means little to me and if I was hero I would be mad and question her ability to be faithful. If a hero did this I would not give him a pass so I

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