Wedding Ring

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Wedding Ring



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After chapter 1 I was not sure I wanted to carry on, as it didn't immediately grip me. However, not being a quitter with books, I decided to press on. By the end of Chapter 2 I had fallen into this book with a resounding thump and had to ask myself why on earth I had thought I would not enjoy it. This is about Helen, Nancy and Tessa. Three generations of women, bound by blood, but with little else in common - or so they thought. Nancy and Tessa, mother and daughter, find themselves thrown together when they spend the summer with Helen, Nancy's mother and Tessa's grandmother, in order to help clean up her old farmhouse home. They start off tentatively - just tolerating each other, but as the story unravels, the relationships between them are explored and they slowly become more accepting of each other and realise that they do actually have a lot in common. The side relationships between Nancy and Billy, and Tessa and Mack, are interesting and thought provoking - particularly Tessa, who lost a child and is trying to come to terms with it. Of course, the 'thread' holding this story together, is the art of quilting. Helen is a master at her craft and reading about American Quilting certainly got my interest, and almost made me want to take up quilting myself! Highly recommended, and if you have not read Emilie Richards before I urge you to start doing so.

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