Washington Avalanche, 1910

Book online Washington Avalanche, 1910 by Cameron Dokey

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Washington Avalanche, 1910 (Historical Romance)



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It was rather suspenseful actually, ever since the beginning, especially when the facade was starting to show very large holes in it, mainly when it came to Virginia's disadvantage. The story had two prominent stories that went side by side, the story of Ginny and her new found friend, Virginia, and the facade they had kept up when it came to Nicholas (and Stephen as well) and the second story was that of the 1910 avalanche in the mountains on the Great Northern Railway tracks.

Comment 2:

Virgina "Ginny" Nolan tries to escape her stepbrother and his wife by boarding the train to Seattle, Washington. During the ride, she runs into another woman whose name is Virgina. Virgina Hightower was on her way to marry a man she didn't know. So, each agreed to switch identifies to find out what kind of man he was. At first sight, Ginny knew she was in trouble, she was falling for him and tried to find a way to tell the truth. Of course that was before the diaster strikes.

Comment 3:

I like Cameron Dokey and I love historical fiction, but this was not a favorite of her books. The premise was unique and interesting, but the characters motives didn't really make sense. I think it could have been done better with more honesty among characters and more building of relationships. The instant friendships were hard to take without some evidence to back it up beside physical similarities or attractions. It just felt strange.

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