Warriors: Shadows of the Clans

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This was a good book, but the endings were a little... bland. I suppose the authors that make up Erin Hunter did good enough, I just feel like it could have been more detailed for a few endings, such as the one that made me cry, Ravenpaw's Farewell. It could have had better details rather than having Ravenpaw die within just two pages, whereas when Graywing died, it took up a whole chapter of about five pages. I guess I just feel like they could have done better with the ending for Ravenpaw's Fa

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I cried at Ravenpaw's Farewell. Even though he wasn't important to the main story anymore, he is still one of my favorite characters. I felt bad for everything Mapleshade had to go through, but her actions sent her to the Place of No Stars, aka cat hell. Goosefeather was mistreated for being special, and I was enraged at every cat who mocked him, his experiences made me feel differently about his character

Comment 3:

I love this series! I have been reading these books since I was in high school and I still love them so much. I wish everyone read them. I just cried like a baby

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