The Winter People

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The Winter People



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Ni siquiera sé por dónde empezar. No puedo creer la manera en la que este libro me voló la cabeza. Tuvo la esencia que esperaba que tuviera, pero definitivamente superó mis expectativas. Es una siniestra y perfecta combinación entre "La dama de negro" de Susan Hill y "Pet Sematary" de Stephen King, sin caer en la copia. En indefectiblemente una lectura lóbrega imposible de abandonar. Es la clase de historia que lo tiene todo: fantasmas, dejos de brujería y misterios mágicos, leyendas, momentos g

Comment 2:

The Winter People was one of the books that stowed away in my suitcase, and I was looking forward to a chilly, spooky read that would make a stark contrast to hot sunny beaches – there's nothing like chilling with a good book! Within the first couple of chapters, McMahon had broken my heart as I followed Sara’s tragic account of how she lost all her babies and her beloved daughter Gertie – who would not go crazy with grief and pain in her situation? The atmospheric writing transported me effortl

Comment 3:

I thought this would be a creepy book to read when going to a Bed & Breakfast, so I borrowed the ebook a couple days before our trip. I foolishly thought I'd give the book a head-start. Mistake! I ended up reading most of it before we even left home! I wish I would've saved it all for the trip so that when, in a dark, dark room, while being serenaded by my husband's snoring, I would be too scared to walk to the toilet after a night of drinking with our friends. Good plans, gone to waste. But

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