The Truth about Truman School

Book online The Truth about Truman School by Dori Hillestad Butler

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The Truth About Truman School



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Truman Middle School has a student newspaper, however the staff advisor seems to be censoring the articles. Zebby quits as editor of the newspaper and decides to create an online newspaper with her friend Amr. They have two rules: “Rule#1: Whatever you post had to be an original work,” and Rule #2: “Whatever you post had to be the truth. The truth about our school as you see it.” Zebby and Amr do not want to censor anything posted. The website,, takes on a life of its’ own.

Comment 2:

Gr 5–8—Told not to write anything that would get the administration riled up, Zebby Bower becomes fed up and quits as editor of the school newspaper. Soon after, she and her friend Amr begin their own online newspaper, one that they hope will provide a true voice to the students of Truman Middle. It takes off, but in an unfortunate direction. When anonymous posts about popular Lilly Clarke start to get vicious, calling her a homo, a lesbo, and more, the devastated girl goes missing, and the site

Comment 3:

Zebby and Amr only start the website because Zebby wants a place where she and others can write articles about things that really matter to the school and its students--like pointless school rules, bullying, curriculum changes--without the newspaper faculty advisor shooting them down. Soon, though, someone uses it to target a former friend of Zebby and Amr's who has become a popular mean girl. From the viewpoints of multiple students who became involved, writing after the fact, the story unrolls

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