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The language is still beautiful and eerily relatable, just as in The Vagabond. But this Renee seems like someone so much more aimless and weak than the Renee we knew in The Vagabond. She had such potential and inner strength, and now all she's doing is moving from hotel to hotel and letting slightly insane people soak up all her time. Mind you, I do like the mischievous, clever Jean better as a romantic interest than Max, who was all too dependable and dull. But even so, it felt like Renee's attachment to him bloomed up out of nowhere and took over her life, and apparently that confuses her too, since the eloquently described confusion is what the novel is all about. Ah well, not my favorite of Colette's, but pleasant enough to read.

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It's impossible to discuss why I didn't like this book without revealing something of the last two chapters. On the one hand, this book is full of beautiful writing that reminds me of some of the best passages of "Break of Day". There are some very well-realized characters as well... May, Masseau, even Jean. But who is this Renée? She certainly isn't the protagonist of The Vagabond, the novel to which this is the sequel. Colette would have her readers believe that the Renée who couldn't stop tra

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