The Prince Kidnaps a Bride

Book online The Prince Kidnaps a Bride by Christina Dodd

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The Prince Kidnaps a Bride (Lost Princesses)



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4 stars


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This was definitely the best of the three Lost Princesses books. And I'm not sure if it's because I liked the personality of this princess the most, or the writing was better, but it was really my favorite. Although, at one point I was a little thrown off. This book is a historical romance, set during a time where they rode horses and a man didn't see a woman's hair down until their wedding night and Christina Dodd included a line that kind of went like this: "Prince Rainger was going to pork Co

Comment 2:

I enjoyed this conclusion to the Lost Princesses trilogy. It was nice that Rainger finally got his princess and that Sorcha found her confidence and matured enough to become Queen of Beaumontagne. Even though she is the oldest of the sisters due to her sheltered upbringing I kept thinking I was reading about the baby sister of the family. I didn't find Sorcha as intriguing as her sisters but Rainger is the most interesting of the heroes who capture the hearts of the princesses. It is nice that t

Comment 3:

Prince Rainger menyamar menjadi Arnou, nelayan bodoh yg menyelamatkan Princess Sorcha. Sorcha tidak mengenali Arnou sbg Rainger maka dgn bodohnya dia "dikendalikan" oleh Rainger hingga mereka menikah di sebuah desa kecil di Skotlandia. Rainger punya misi menggunakan Sorcha sbg alat utk merebut kembali kerajaannya yg dikudeta Count DuBelle. Rasa dikhianati pada masa lalu tidak membiarkan Rainger mempercayai Sorcha sehingga dia membiarkan Sorcha mencintai Arnou yg lugu dan rada bloon. Ketika menge

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