The Lover's Knot

Book online The Lover's Knot by Clare O'Donohue

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The Lover's Knot



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In "The Lover’s Knot," Clare O’Donohue takes the reader on a follow-the-clues journey that puts the reader squarely in the thought process of Nell, a career woman with a wavering fiancé. Nell’s stay with her grandmother in a small New York town is interrupted when the town’s bad boy is found stabbed to death with scissors in her grandmother’s quilt shop. Nell discovers parts of herself – cooking skills, quilting, and true feelings for the fiancé – while racing the town police to solve the myster

Comment 2:

This is a light and easy read about a young woman who must learn to identify when something (or someone) is worth the effort and when it (or he/she) isn’t. What I enjoyed most about this book is that it avoids the cliché characters found in many cozy mystery series. Character development is undoubtedly the author’s strong suit. Even the proverbial bad guy’s personality is fully refined. The cast of characters have very real personalities, which drew me into the story. It’s a story of friendship

Comment 3:

After Nell gets dumped by her fiancé she heads to her grandmother’s rural home. Nell’s grandmother owns a quilting shop and after a murder occurs there, Nell plays a modern Nancy Drew on the hunt for the killer. This book goes by fast which is good, since I knew the killer from the start (and I am not the brightest). I felt this book was formulaic and that I had read similar books, but without the added quilting twist. I would recommend this for people who are crafty and looking for a quick read

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