The Love Potion

Book online The Love Potion by Sandra Hill

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The Love Potion (Cajun, #1)



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4 stars


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Take an experimental love potion add a Cajun bad boy and a shy Creole princess and the boat will deffinately rock. When shy chemist Sylvie Fontaine starts an experiment while working for a Louisiana pharmaceutical company on a Love Potion, she places her chemical essence in Jelly Beans (Yes, you heard right: JELLY BEANS) and it's not with the goal to trap anyone in particular, but for a shy person wanting love, anything that could help is a good thing. Infamous Cajun ladies man Lucien LeDeux, Th

Comment 2:

I was in the mood for a little Cajun and I got a plate full with this story. You have Sylvie, a blue blood chemist in a family of snotty over acheiving women. And Luc, backwoods Cajun lawyer who has harrassed Sylvie since they were kids. Throw in a love potion in some jelly beans (of course inadvertently eaten by Luc), some non-stop loving lab rabs, an Aunt who is a hoot, 3 other brothers who are yummilicious, and you have a hoot-nanny good time. The only problem I had with this book was that I

Comment 3:

Sandra Hill has written several series, and each that I've read from have had loads of humor--a major deal-maker for me. This book is the start of her "Cajun" series, and involves a biologist (or three), a helicopter-flying environmentalist, a pet alligator, a crazy aunt, a wily nephew, and assorted other interesting characters to sweeten the pot,and about three plot lines. Oh, and some very strange M&Ms. The sex is a little heavy for my taste, but I'm rather puritanical, and I just skip ove

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