The Lost Quilter

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The Lost Quilter



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This is a great addition to the Elm Creek novels, focused on quilters, stitching life together in many places and eras. In this installment, a contemporary discovery at Elm Creek Manor bookends an excellent historical story focused on Joanna, a runaway slave introduced in the earlier novel, "The Runaway Quilt." We learn about Joanna's return to her owners and how she survives while never giving up her dreams of freedom. She's a skilled seamstress and quilter which puts her in the households of 3

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It's true, I liked a novel with "quilter" in the title. I officially need to buy a walker and learn to crochet. I was so ready to hate this book. I was actually kind of excited about hating it. But other than the lackluster situation created to get to the good story(Sylvia researching her far more interesting ancestor, Joanna, due to an interesting quilt she left behind), I thought this book had an engaging plot and three dimensional characters I really cared about. Joanna, a slave freed and rec

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Oh my! I didn't know what I was getting whenever I checked out this book. Part of the Elm Creek Quilt stories, this is a tale of letters found in a locked desk, letters that ask about a runaway slave who was recaptured. And then we follow the story of Joanna, a slave who ran away from her brutal master who was raping her, and how she was sold "further South" upon her recapture. The pathos of her story will remain, and her desire for freeedom---first for her children: the child she left behind wh

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