The Last Runaway

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The Last Runaway



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U samo nešto malo više od 200 stranica Tracy je majstorski uspjela napisati savršen roman, sa izvrsno razrađenom radnjom i likovima. Lik mlade kvekerice Honor Bright je tako simpatičan da je nemoguće ostati ravnodušan na njenu životnu sudbinu i ne suosjećati s njom, ali i ostalim likovima i njihovim potresnim sudbinama. Ispod površine naizgled mirnih stanovnika kvekerske zajednice kriju se jako burne strasti i duboka osjećanja, a ta kombinacija mira i nemira daje poseban šarm romanu. Čitala sam

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Honor Bright is an English Quaker who has emigrated from England with her sister, Grace, who hopes to marry a former resident of her hometown. Grace, however, dies on the voyage to America and Honor arrives full of grief and confusion. Honor also had a boyfriend in England who dropped her for another young woman, a fact that devastated Honor so much she felt she had to leave the place where she would always be labeled as the gal who was “jilted” by her one and only great love. So the goal is for

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A Quaker girl from England landed up in Faithwell, Ohio, 1850, right in the middle of the Underground Railroad's path. Heartsick and homesick, Honor Haymaker struggled to wrap her mind around the slavery laws of America and the way it was applied in the northern states. Milking cows, sewing quilts, making hay, bottling the bounty of summer for the harsh uncompromising winters, tapping maple trees for syrup, making cheese, obeying her mother-in-law, and being a good wife, drained her from everyth

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