The Ghost Bride: Pengantin Arwah

Book online The Ghost Bride: Pengantin Arwah by Yangsze Choo,Angelic Zaizai

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The Ghost Bride



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4 stars


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Comment 1:

As a Chinese who was born and raised in South East Asia, I connected to this book on so many levels. Malaysia is very close to my home country and the language is similar for the most part, so I find the usage of Malay terms really interesting. A lot of things in this book feel super familiar to me, ranging from the food, the traditional clothing (specifically kebaya and batik), to Chinese notions about the afterlife. The paper houses, paper servants, paper furniture―I've seen those on my grandp

Comment 2:

I loved the idea of this story. The set up of the creepy ghost wanting her as bride kept me going. I slogged through many scenes that I wouldn’t have, to get to the next resolution, The writing itself is smooth and easy to follow. The long drawn out scenes in the otherworld were boggy in my opinion. I know it was essential to cause a crisis for the rescue and the new love interest, but I really hoped for more development of what had initially caught my attention - marrying the ghost - before the

Comment 3:

A glorious albeit macabre celebration of Malaysian culture. Usually, when it comes to Malaysian literature, they mostly centers around the livelihood of pre-merdeka, struggles of indigenous folks and the conflict of eastern as well as western values. The Ghost Bride, by zoning in on a particular culture that is uniquely Malaysian in the sense that the culture was rooted in "Mainland" but has been influenced by other cultures that make up the Malaysian one-of-a-kind diaspora. Refreshingly origina

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