The Crime Wave at Blandings

Book online The Crime Wave at Blandings by P.G. Wodehouse

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PG Wodehouse's first crime novel or short story? Well, not exactly. But what it is (again and again) is Wodehouse's genius in conveying a small world and expanding that world to the reader in such a hysterical manner. I started reading this book on the plane trip to Los Angeles, and now just finished reading it. Even in my jet-lag position, I can see his world makes some sort of sense. But Wodehouse is such a brilliant writer. His sentence structures are incredible, and the way he just piles one

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Christopher Buckley once said,"It is impossible to be unhappy while reading the adventures of Jeeves and Wooster. And I've tried." Not to diminish Jeeves in any way, I say that it is impossible to be unhappy while reading the trials of Lord Emsworth. This novella was my introduction to the kind, much put upon, and addle-brained pig-lover and it is still one of my favorites. Who would have dreamed that grandson George's bee-bee gun could lead to so much violence!

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Fun characters, engaging plot, nice short read to finish 2016 with. I heard about Wodehouse's hilarious style and all I heard was true. I actually laughed about this story - which I don't do easily. Some jokes and character traits were a bit cliche to me but probably weren't in their time, so 5 ⭐ it is. :-)

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