The City of Gold and Lead

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The City of Gold and Lead



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4 stars


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I liked this considerably more than the first book and am starting to sympathize with this being an enduring classic in young adult science fiction. This second book brings Will into the city of the "Masters," an alien race that has conquered and effectively enslaved the Earth. Sometimes the revelation of the alien invaders is anti-climatic or trite, but John Christopher's aliens are genuinely alien, retaining almost as much impenetrability as the behavior of the tripods they travel in as descri

Comment 2:

The city of Gold and Lead by John Christopher is a phenomenal book it was just so well done. It follows 2 kids named Will and Fritz and they are told by a man named Julius to go and to find the weakness of the Tripods which are a alien race that tried to inhabit earth but first they needed to make it breathable for them. Will and Fritz and there friend Beanpole were chosen to be in a tournament and Will and Fritz win which means that they have to go to the Tripods home and while they are there t

Comment 3:

Three young men seek entry to one of the strongholds of the extraterrestrial Masters who have conquered the earth. Two are successful, and they strive to learn as much as possible about the enemy so that they may report back to the last existing colony of free humans. I preferred this novel to the previous one, "The White Mountains." Both novels share the same deficiency, a tendency to relate certain events too sketchily and a failure to develop key characters, in this case the German boy, Fritz

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