The Barefoot Mailman

Book online The Barefoot Mailman by Theodore Pratt

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The Barefoot Mailman



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This is an intriguing story, based on true events that happened in Florida in the late 1800's. There was a group of mailmen who walked and carried the mail all the way from Palm Beach to Miami, and back again. They had a set walking route, with much of it done on the beach, so they were at times in much danger from many different things, especially things in nature such as alligators, hurricanes, floods, and much more. The main character in the story is one of these mailmen, who risked much to c

Comment 2:

A fun and interesting book about the late 1800s undeveloped Florida Coast, my favorite book about the Sunshine State since Strawberry Girl, The Swamp, and Their Eyes Were Watching God. While of the four only The Swamp is non-fiction, all are rich in Florida history and lore. I love to visit and read about Florida (though I wouldn't want to live there because I'd miss the snow and the hardwoods of the Northeast), another very interesting and beautiful place in a country of countless interesting a

Comment 3:

I found this book in a small, horizontal paperback format for the Armed Services Editions published for soldiers during World War II, designed to save paper (not the edition pictured here). This entertaining light fiction is based on the history of postal service on the east coast of Florida, during the raw era of early frontier settlement. Worth reading. Armed Services Editions can be found on Ebay.

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