The Art of Manipulating Fabric

Book online The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff,Robbie Fanning

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The Art of Manipulating Fabric



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This is a systematic explication of various techniques for manipulating fabric. Straight forward descriptions and excellent diagrams and photographs of the various methods. I highly recommend it both for the home crafter and professional artists who wish to work with fabrics. Ever wonder what the difference between a ruffle and a flounce is? Ever wonder how your grandmother made those pillows that look like they are woven out of strips of fabric but are actually just carefully pleated? Ever want

Comment 2:

This book was very helpful to me. The instructions are clear and thorough, and the photographs are excellent. There was one explanation of a particular technique that didn't make sense to me; when I tried to follow the instructions they just didn't work; but I have a feeling the fault lies in me; not the author. She put an incredible amount of work into producing this book. I hope she is being well rewarded for her efforts!

Comment 3:

An amazing book on how to do just about anything with fabric. I recently completed a project on smocking and tucking techniques for school and this book was a gem. The pictures are of her samples are drool inducing and the instructions are clear. Just flipping through the pages is enough to make me run to thread my hand sewing needles.

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