The Apprentice's Quest

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The Apprentice's Quest



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4 stars


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I liked the book and all the characters. Alderpaw was kind of annoying because he was always afraid of something. Also Needlepaw was really mean and irritating because she snapped at everyone and Alderpaw just followed her around! The worst though, is when Bramblestar forced Alderpaw to be a medicine cat. All the other ThunderClan medicine cats got to choose to be a medicine cat. Leafpool begged Cinderpelt to be her mentor. Yellowfang accepted Bluestars offer after she was already trained. Cinde

Comment 2:

I found this book very enjoyable. It starts with Alderpaw, the son of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, who gets a vision of a far off place. He travels there with his sister Sparkpaw, their mentors Cherryfall and Molewhisker, and Sandstorm (and another Clan cat, who appears later). It's a great book overall and it follows the point of view of our main cat Alderpaw and his difficulties coming to grips with his lack of warrior ability and inability to meet the prowess of Sparkpaw. I would definitel

Comment 3:

The Warriors series I didn't think was going to happen. When Vicky Holmes was touring as Erin Hunter, she talked about how she thought she might take a visit back to the lake territory, but she wasn't sure. I actually didn't realize that anything came after Bramblestar's Storm until I saw this at Barnes and Noble earlier this year. When I started this book the other day, I was a bit put off by the events occurring. By the time I finished it, I still wasn't fully impressed with it as a Warriors b

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