The Aeronaut's Windlass

Book online The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher

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The Aeronaut's Windlass



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When I found out that Jim Butcher was writing a new fantasy series that happened to be steampunk, I basically got so excited that I couldn’t breathe and turned all pink from anxious excitement. I actually preordered the book, just so I could have it the day it came out. Even if I didn’t get to start reading that day I could at least stare at it, scrutinize the maps, sniff it and take really cool Instagram pictures showing off my latest prize. I’m a HUGE fan of Jim Butcher’s hugely popular Dresde

Comment 2:

Not caring much about genre, I took this on open-minded and with high expectations due to friends who speak praises on Dresden and Codex Alera. The beginning was a bit of a letdown, too normal, ordinary, cliché. And then, a certain 'character' started speaking, I went "oh my, plz, DON'T, this can't be happening". I never really overcame this particular character, but there are some really good ones in this book, yes, Ferus and Folly, I mean you two. All the other ones are ok, Grimm, Benedict, Br

Comment 3:

Moram da priznam da sam nekako razocaran ovom knjigom. Likovi su jednostavni, skoro da predstavljaju najosnovnije licnosttipa hrabar, pametan, pokvaren itd, nema previse originalnosti. odnosi medju likovima su fino razradjeni ali njihovi razgovori, narocito u borbi su suvise... razigrani, tolko da na momente zvuci dosta forsirano. Sam svet zvuci interesantno ali je jako slabo realizovan. S jedne strane drago mi je sto nema previse ekspozicije ali sa druge strane imamo tolko malo informacija o sv

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