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State Fair



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Books by Earlene Fowler never fail to satisfy and "State Fair" is no exception. An interesting story line with a good plot and subplots, multi-dimensional characters, and lots of informative tidbits about a variety of subjects. I really enjoyed this book and felt like I was meeting up with some old friends. I'm looking forward to "Spider Web" next. Earlene has a special style that really isn't reminiscent of anyone else's writing. She's one of my very favorite authors. I highly recommend this bo

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I've been reading about the Benni Harper's series for years. I'm not into quilts and quilting but it's veryinteresting to read about their history and such. I love books which broadens my horizons anyways. Benni leaves in a small Central California town. She is the town's museum curator which features local quilts and other forms of craft arts. She is married to Chief Ortiz of the local police department. Her extended family is composed of her father, grandmother Dove, cousin Emory and best frie

Comment 3:

Great read. As usual, Bennie and Gabe and the extended family work together to solve the murder. I have not been disappointed by any of the Bennie Harper series. The author, although writing at a later time, manages to bring the time of the 90's on the Central CA coast to life. Most of the action takes place at the state fair, although ranches and the country side play a role also. Fowler has a sensitive hand when she illustrates the issues between generations, parents and children, and youth an

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