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When I got the list of books for review from Holly a while back I was pretty excited about this one. It sounded like a fun contemporary romance and I’ve jonesing for contemporaries lately. I didn’t do a whole lot of research to see if this book was in a series or not and I definitely should have. If I had only seen the covers of the first 3 books in this series I would have known that this was a paranormal rather than a contemporary romance. That being said there isn’t a ton of the paranormal in

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I liked it. Really. I did. That being said, I had a very hard time getting into this one and I couldn't understand why. A Romance novel with a fantasy element (he's a wizard who happens to also be a Prince of Atlantis)which is right up my alley! And then it finally hit me. Janet Chapman is not a very descriptive author. She doesn't go into great detail when describing the setting, what the characters look like, or their emotions for that matter all of which made it hard for me to get emotionally

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I so love all of Janet Chapmas' books!! Max and Olivia's story was a great new addition to the always expanding Highlander series she started with. I fell in love with Max all over again, and his minime of a son Henry. Olivia's background story was both sad and heartwarming, And I am so looking forward to having some of our Highlander move up to Spellbound to what havoc they can cause. I wish there where real men willing to move mountains out there. I couldn't ever get my ex-husband to help me m

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