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Calling this an Elm Creek Quilts novel is a bit of a stretch. The connection to previous Elm Creek Quilt novels is tenuous, at best, and any mention of actual quilting seems thrown in as an afterthought. The storyline is interesting, but I couldn't work up much empathy for the main character. Chiaverini's main characters are usually women, often with flaws, but redeemed by their strengths and resourcefulness. The main character in this book seemed to be shaped by her circumstances more than by t

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Part of me gets frustrated how each book in this series means a different time period and characters, even though they are all somehow tied to the Elm Creek Quilters. I want them to just go in order so I can keep track of the characters better and I miss the Elm Creek Quilters when they aren't a part of the story. That said, I absolutely loved this book! I really enjoyed Rosa's character and I found reading about Prohibition to be really interesting. I don't think I've read another book set in t

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I love historical fiction. This is the story set in California during Prohibition in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County. We see the plight of a young wife who escapes an abusive husband with her small children and the new life that unfolds for her. She seeks the medical care that two of her children need and safety for her whole family. The protector that sweeps her away to save her life and the lives of her children is the same first love that she had left behind because of family dema

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