Sixty Acres and a Bride

Book online Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings

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Sixty Acres and a Bride



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4 stars


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Sixty Acres and A Bride. Love this cover and I was curious about what this book is about, but let me explain: If you know me a little bit, you may know this about me: I NEVER READ THE SYNOPSIS. Ever…seriously, I want to be surprised by the story. It is kind of like when you watch a movie trailer and you think, “Well, after that I don’t need to go see the movie.” So, I limit my reading of the back cover. If I can get away without doing it, I will. SO: how does that apply to reading Sixty Acres an

Comment 2:

To me, there is just always something fun, intriguing and downright captivating about a good “fish out of water story.” You know those stories I mean, where the main character is taken completely out of their element, where they really don’t know which end is up and so inevitably they do things that are wrong and often times embarrassing. And they usually do them, never in a small way, but with pure unadulterated gusto bringing the audience/reader to that place where you laugh out loud at the ch

Comment 3:

This was a free Kindle download, and in some ways I can see why it was free. The story was great--an update of the Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz story set in post-Civil War Texas. That part was very clever and very well done. However, the writing itself was a bit lacking. There were several times I had to re-read something to understand what it said, and a few times, even after re-reading, I couldn't quite understand what the author was saying. Sometimes things seems to skip ahead, as if connecting deta

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