Seven Sisters

Book online Seven Sisters by Earlene Fowler

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Seven Sisters (Benni Harper Mysteries (Paperback))



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4 stars


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Benni gets drawn into a mystery against her will when it involves her stepson, Sam, and his newly formed plans to marry into an old and influential family in the county. She is a witness to the murder of a family member at a party and then tries to stay out of it, but a new Sheriff's office detective keeps coercing her into helping. As she is drawn into the family's history at Seven Sisters Ranch, she discovers things she would rather not know, and the final revelation is disturbing. The book al

Comment 2:

I thought this book was going to involve a lot of quilting get-togethers and have a plot that really revolved around quilting - it was not at all like that. There were a few references to quilting and that's it. I thought the author introduced too many characters at once and it was hard to keep them straight. I couldn't remember who each person was and how they were related but I forced myself to keep reading. I was just about to give up on it and it finally got interesting but it took until abo

Comment 3:

Benni Harper's stepson has gotten his girlfriend pregnant and the two plan on marrying. But Benni and her San Celina chief of police husband are worried about the rich, prominent family Sam is marrying into. The Brown family has plenty of secrets and when one of the members is murdered Benni is asked by a sheriff's department detective for help. It seems Benni's reputation for solving mysteries precedes her! This was another great book in the Benni Harper cozy mystery symptoms, a great storyline

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