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Secret Santa



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This was kind of a cute book. This is a story about a high school who's principal decides to do a secret santa exchange with all the students. So crushes are established throughout the process and guesses and intrigues on who has whom. I was annoyed with Noelle's obsession with Charlie. He has been her next door neighbor and she was so completely obsessed that she didn't see who he really was. Luckily the story switched viewpoints throughout several different high school students. If it would ha

Comment 2:

This book was really cute. The only reason this is not a 5 star review is because for the most part the characters all act like middle schoolers when in actuality they are supposed to be high schoolers. I only found that mildly annoying. I guess it's better than the sex-crazed, acne-infested teenagers that a lot of high schoolers are. Now I sound like I hate the book. Don't get get me wrong, it was a really cute story full of little kid drama that I thought was funny. Most of the characters were

Comment 3:

Secret Santa is something I always enjoy doing with my class or a group of friends around Christmas time. At North Ridge High School, a school- wide game of Secret Santa leads a group of teens into romantic mishaps. Noelle is positive her gifts are from her crush. While Froggy, the school geek, thinks the game is the perfect way to get Celia to fall for him, but there's just one problem. Celia, starts to develop feelings for Jake, the bad boy, thinking her gifts are from him. It's a wild roller

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