Ruby's Slippers

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Ruby's Slippers



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Ruby’s Slippers by Tricia Rayburn is about a young girl facing the troubles of moving from state to state. Ruby has lived with her mother all her life, and when Grandma Dottie gets lonely, Ruby and her mother have to move. It’s a big change to move from Kansas to Florida. Ruby has never even heard of email, where in Florida, that’s the only communication device that they use! As Ruby learns how the people at her new school act, she begins to despise the “queen of the school”, Ava Grand. This bo

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Ruby Lee is about as out of touch with modern day technology as you can get. She's never heard of facebook, has only barely accessed the Internet at school much less downloaded a song from iTunes. So when this small town girl from rural Kansas moves with her mother to Florida to live her grandmother, Nana Dotte, in a ritzy neighborhood and attend the very techno advanced neighborhood school, Ruby is a bit shell-shocked. Not only is she leaving her very best friend, Gabby, but she is also leaving

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Ruby and her mother leave their home in a small town in Kansas to move to a posh community in Florida presumably to help Ruby's grandmother who recently lost her husband. Ruby has a basic knowledge of computers but has never heard of iTunes and other modern technology this seemed a stretch considering technology is every where but it helped move the story along. Ruby's mother and grandmother have a complicated past making me wonder why they relocated but again it helped move the story along. Mid

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