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The Last Queen of India



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It’s India in the 19th century. Sita is only a child when her mother dies in childbirth. While her grandmother wants to sell her to a brothel, her father won’t allow it. Instead, he and a neighbour train her on everything she might need to know to become a “Durgavasi”, one of the ten elite women who protect India’s queen. Sita’s younger sister’s hopes of a dowry rest on Sita getting this position. India is in a bit of turmoil at this time, as England has occupied India, and is, for the moment, a

Comment 2:

First of all, reading about a historical figure I know nothing about is refreshing. Secondly, because I'm not familiar, I can't judge any historical inaccuracies. This story is about a fictional character Sita, who joins The Queen Lakshimi's personal guard. Even though the majority of the story is about Sita, you do learn about the real Queen and her court. It's not until the end of the book where you really learn about the British Invasion and now I want to read more into it. This is a light, e

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Rebel Queen is exciting historical fiction set in the mid-1800s during a time when Great Britain was trying to colonize India. The book is told through the point of view of Sita, a village girl who became one of Queen Lakshmi's guards, protectors, and private advisers. In 1800s India, rarely did women villagers leave their homes, much less travel to cities to serve in a female army. They were more likely to marry at age 10 and have children in their teens, but Sita defied the odds. This is a gre

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