Quilting with the Muppets

Book online Quilting with the Muppets by Jim Henson Company

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Quilting with the Muppets: 15 Fun and Creative Patterns



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Comment 1:

I absolutely adore this book. I got it for my sixteenth birthday. While I have still not made a Muppet quilt, the real attraction of the book, to me, is the section in the back where you can see the quilts that workers at the Jim Henson Company made for their coworkers. They are so charming and inspiring, and the blocks go together so well despite the different styles. I just adore it.

Comment 2:

This is really two books in one. The first half is templates and instructions for making quilt blocks of the characters (like the ones on the cover). They're designed to be made with a lot of fusible backing, not my favorite method but I think they could be modified for more traditional applique (depending on the material you choose).

Comment 3:

I doubt I will ever use the patterns (applique and I don't mix), but I LOVE the Muppets and the gallery of Muppet quilts made by Jim Henson and Sesame Street staff over the years.

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