Old Maid's Puzzle

Book online Old Maid's Puzzle by Terri Thayer

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Old Maid's Puzzle: A Quilting Mystery



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4 stars


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Comment 1:

I think this books ends nicely, but VERY surprisingly. I was pleased with the ending, which I didn't see coming at all. I am glad that Terri doesn't torment her readers with bad situations and that Dewey was able to learn some lessons in order to move forward. I think that haranguing readers with problems of the characters who can never learn their lessons drives readers away. Terri does some things in this book, like fire Kym, which was totally necessary to move the story along. Getting Dewey a

Comment 2:

This book like the last was an enjoyable and well-written read. The characters were well-drawn and remain what I love most about the series. The mystery was incredibly solid maybe even a little better than the one presented in the series opener. I have but one complaint, the need to create romantic tension I suppose is a necessity in series fiction but in this instance Dewey's irritation with Buster escaped me, it simply made no sense and truthfully, it made her momentarily unlikeable. Relations

Comment 3:

This is the second in the Quilting Mystery series featuring Dewey Pellicano. Dewey has recently inherited her mother's quilt shop even though she doesn't know the first thing about quilting. What she does know is how to run a modern business, including online shopping, and finding dead bodies. Solving the mysteries of the dead bodies seems to be easier for Dewey than dealing with her mother's employees who can't face change. Especially her sister-in-law, Kym.

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