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16-year old Essie struggles with a relationship with her mother. After her mom giving birth to precious Zelda, Essie is basically forced to take care of her because her mom didn’t really care for her too much. Essie’s father passed away 8 months earlier. Essie works at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory making only 6 dollars an hour. In the Factory she meets a widowed woman named Harriet Abbott and they become close to eachother. As their relationship gets closer the question ponders my mind. Who i

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When I first read the jacket blip for this book, I was immediately interested. Here was a book that not only addressed one of America’s greatest work tragedies, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, but also depicted the lives of people during this time. I also loved that the language and actions matched the people of the era. Along with the historical view point, I enjoyed reading a fictional account that did not go bland with history. Davies did a magnificent job on research and was able to in

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Not only is the book historical fiction, but it is a strong mystery/suspense book as well. Readers familiar with the history of the fire can feel the tension of that event looming in the background as the date nears. But more than that, as Essie reveals bits and pieces of what she has lost, her repressed memories that come to light create the mystery of what she has really lost. The back and forth movement in the timeline, always based in 1911 but moving into the past, is clearly indicated by pa

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