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Liberated Quiltmaking



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Quilter and lecturer Gwen Marston introduces quilters to distinctive processes for creating original quilts. Without using templates or set patterns, Gwen guides the quiltmaker through each process, showing a way to work rather than actually dictating the destination. Over 100 beautiful and colorful quilts plus 150 illustrations are pictured in the book and the step-by-step instructions will serve as guides to help the quilter realize her own creative abilities. The adventure of Liberated Quiltmaking processes keeps the quilter engaged throughout the entire operation. These processes require using both intuition and emotion as well as technical skill. Discover true freedom to create your own quilt that is beautifully unique. AUTHORBIO: Helping quilters realize their own creative abilities, Gwen Marston teaches quiltmaking in the United States as well as Japan. She has enjoyed more than 26 solo exhibits of her work in both of these countries, including seven museum exhibits of her small quilts. Gwen has been a regular columnist for "Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts" and has authored 15 books, five for AQS. REVIEW: "Her 'liberated quiltmaking' is the making of utility quilts (quilts meant to be used, not just exhibited) without templates or patterns or even necessarily a preplanned color scheme. When process becomes more important than pattern, the endless possibilities that arise during the combined planning/making process keep the quilter fully engaged. Highly recommended for subject collections."

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