Leaving Gee's Bend

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Leaving Gee's Bend



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Great book, but I'm shelving it for now for my 9 year old. She's a pretty sensitive kid and it's pretty graphic in it's descriptions of several events. That said, once she's a little older, there are so many interesting discussions that will spring for this- contrasting the lifestyles of the sharecroppers of Gee's Bend versus the residents of Camden, their belief systems for explaining the things they don't understand, the treatment of the sharecroppers by those that have power over them. I'm lo

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I read this book because I saw the exhibit of the quilts made by the women of Gee's Bend at the Art Museum in Houston, TX. According to Wikipedia, Gee's Bend is a "poverty-stricken African-American community in a large bend of the Alabama River in Wilcox County, Alabama." The women of the community have been recycling fabric into quilts for generations. When an item of clothing was too worn to wear, it was cut up to be reused. They made those quilts from whatever they had, and they had very litt

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A young girl learning very adult lessons, you'll fall in love with Ludelphia. As her name suggest, she has very rural beginnings. Living in the small Alabama town that is accessible to the next town only by ferry, Ludelphia armed with materials for a quilt, leaves town for the next one, Camden to get aaid for her dying mother. You'll love her dialect and Pollyannish outlook. This is one young adult novel you can read to your child, with her child, or have your child read to you.If you're like me

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