Katherine: Heart of Freedom

Book online Katherine: Heart of Freedom by Cameron Dokey

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Katherine: Heart of Freedom (Hearts and Dreams)



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4 stars


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This must be the sweetest/cleanest love story there is out there, Katherine acts like a tomboy but she's a lady at heart and her sweet boy friend Nataniel is as sweet as the day is long. You couldn't had a sweeter couple other-wise then Raoul and Christine but that's another story, I would give it PG but that's it. There are several sweet innocent kisses between them and some hand holding but that's not dangerous. No, Nat does not look at Katherine while she's asleep, he doesn't go that far in t

Comment 2:

Reread. I had forgotten how much I loved this series when I was twelve. Since I've been to Boston, I also really understood the book more than I did the first time I read it. Ah, nostalgia.

Comment 3:

This book is perfect. It is a sweet and poignant historical fiction love story that tugs at my heart strings no matter how many times I read it.

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