Immortal City

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Immortal City



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Impresionante, alucinante, espectacular!!!!!! No tengo palabras!!! Me ha encantado, todo, por completo!!! Jacks es el típico ángel famoso y conocido que vive su vida sin ningún problema, esperando su Nombramiento y conocer a sus Protegidos y Maddy es una humana que pasa olímpicamente de los canales especializados en los ángeles y sus cotilleos y sin embargo son tal para cual. La relación entre ellos está tan bien descrita.... La injusticia que supone para Maddy que los ángeles sólo salven a los

Comment 2:

In Immortal City, angels are not just angels – they are the faces of brands, the models on billboards, the famous stars that make the news. By and large, the angels are worshipped by the ‘ordinary’ people. It’s not uncommon to hear someone squealing over a particularly good Save they saw on SaveTube, nor is it anything less than expected to find girls shrieking over the angel heart-throb that is Jackson Godspeed. Only a small fraction of citizens in Los Angeles - quite literally the City of Ange

Comment 3:

When I first read the synopsis, it caught my interest. I was surprised with the twist that Scott Speer did on portraying the angels in this book. But I believe he did a great job on combining the traditional paranormal fantasy with the glitz and glamour of the celebrity culture. Though the book had a slow buildup, it picks up once the main characters met, everything about it had me the edge of my seat and wanting more with each page. I couldn’t help but falling in love with Jacks and Maddy. I en

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