I Am Not Esther

Book online I Am Not Esther by Fleur Beale

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I Am Not Esther (I Am Not Esther, #1)



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4 stars


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I decided to read 'I am not Esther' because it was highly recommended by friends as they had previously read it at school and it was apparently an excellent read.This book falls into the category of 'a book written by a New Zealander'. This category was interesting for me because I usually don't read books by New Zealanders as I usually can't find ones I can enjoy but this book was fantastic and was new for me.My favourite quote from this book is "It still isn't easy. I still cry a lot, but mostly I've stopped wondering if I was right to run away.". I liked this quote as it really showed the conflict Kirby (the protagonist) was experiencing. Her mother lies to her and she gets sent away to her extended family who are really strict and she has never met before. I can understand how uncomfortable and home sick she is. It is understandable that she's upset. I believe the only way out of the internal conflict and struggle she is going through is moving on and letting go. She is still sitting on the fence deciding whether her choice of running away was right.This book taught me that no matter what happens between you and your family they will always be there for. In this novel Kirby's mother is mentally unstable. She lies to her daughter and sends her to an unfamiliar family to look after her so she can get help. I believe her mother had good intentions and was just trying to get help to become better mentally, as a person and a mother. Even though Kirby believes her mum did something horrible leaving her with a family who are extremely religious and have strict rules, her mother was doing her best to help. In the end Kirby finds her mother and has mixed emotions but she then puts the conflict behind her. Kirby decides that even though her mother abandoned her, she is still family and will always love her no matter whatA character in this book that was interesting to me was Kirby Greenland. In this novel the strange relatives she is staying with insist on calling her Esther. She continuously says throughout the novel "I am not Esther". I admire her as she never gives up and no matter what happens to her she will always hold onto her true identity. She is a strong and independent girl. Her determination to hold onto herself, not let anybody change her and make her something she is not, is outstanding.

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