Highlander In Her Bed

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Highlander In Her Bed



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Oh, good grief, I was sick of reading about them droning on and on about each other's looks, and what they wanted to do with them, especially when the behavior was bad! Many times I have thought someone was good looking and then when I got to know them, and what a creeper they were, they became ugly to me! Not enough action and too many thoughts... good thing I read this one last or I never would have read the next one, which is better. I skipped chunks of repetitive thoughts on this one and tho

Comment 2:

I saw that there were many bad reviews for this book before I read it. I'm glad I wasn't put off by them as I really enjoyed this book. I'm a big fan of CIndy Miles and while the plot of this story is similar to Cindy's books, it was a lot more raunchy. There was lots of sex throughout the book and it was rather vulgar in places and this mightn't be everyones cup of tea but I did enjoy it as a change from Cindy's PG rated writing style. My only complaint is that by the end of the book I didn't u

Comment 3:

This was a fun, light, romantic fluff piece with some steamy, sensual scenes. It is not a story to be taken seriously as there are some real big holes in the story. Mainly, the hero/heroine fall madly in love without ever having a lick of meaningful dialog between them. They simply lust after each other, have sex, and fall in love. Plus a lot of "mystical" stuff goes unexplained. But the story is meant to be fun and sexy, which it is. If you can deal with that you may well enjoy it. However, if

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