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This book as usual was a part of my English GCSE and I felt that it did not get the credit it deserved from the majority of my class. A story of a war hero who's and his former girlfriend's childhood was seemingly destroyed by a man who he had thought to be his own hero. He returns to take revenge on an act from years ago.The majority of my class had expected it to be some, kind of action packed novel that was equal parts thrilling and equal parts intense. However, they did not feel that way about the book after reading it and so naturally they felt let down when reading this book with the expectation it would be more bloody and gruesome. I think that was where many of them went wrong This book, I feel wasn't written for the sole purpose that of entertaining the reader but to also make the reader think. That is exactly what it did but not many understood that just because a book does not have much action, it doesn't mean it isn't a good book.I feel that the best books are the kind that make you really think and that is exactly what this book did. Between condemning Larry LaSalles' actions, Francis' reaction and the blurred line between good and bad- it was the kind of novel that made you really think about whether one bad action really does condemn you. However, most of my classmates weren't really willing or couldn't really analyse the book as deep as that or how how our teacher wanted us to.I think that the book was realistic and it honestly does deserve more credit- it may not be the best book in the world but I can understand why it was chosen as part of our GCSE module.At times it may seem as if the excitement is lacking but again with the reality- the small and seemingly mundane events can be the ones to shape us as well as the dark and life changing ones. There was however also complaints about the way the whole sexual assault was dealt with by Nicole and Francis. A few of my classmates had told me they would have dealt with it differently but I don't think they truly understood the fact that rape is dealt with in a manner of different ways and that we have to see it from both sides as to why both Francis and Nicole dealt with it the way they had.However, overall I did give it three stars simply because I feel that while it was thought provoking, I would not have picked it up on my own preference.If I was to recommend this book, I would advise not read it with the expectation of blood, guts and gore.

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