Goose in the Pond

Book online Goose in the Pond by Earlene Fowler

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Goose in the Pond (Benni Harper Mysteries (Paperback))



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4 stars


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Comment 1:

This was probably the most ho-hum outing of Benni and Gabe. The cast of characters is almost entirely new, including Jillian Sinclair, Benni's boss's niece; Nick, the brother of the murdered Nora (called "Mother Goose" just once, I guess to further drive the title); Evangeline and her father, "D-Daddy" (which I thought when she first said it was the result of a stutter), new to town as of 6 months ago; Dolores Ayala, a storyteller who seems to be cuddling up to newcomer and handsome bachelor Ash

Comment 2:

This one was a little darker than the others in the series, but by no means just seemed to have a heavier plot that the others. However, the side characters (Bennie's relatives) kept it light where it needed to be. The humor was tossed in at the exact right place to keep the book from bogging down, yet didn't gloss over the seriousness of the murder. I love this series.....can't wait for the next one. The author manages to keep the humor at the right level, and use it at the right

Comment 3:

I like this series for the most part but the main couple can get a little too angsty for my tastes. I know the series has been out for a long time and there are many books in it so I have to hope they both mature and some of that dies down because I like the actual mysteries. I also don't like when the main character goes against their paramours wishes - which she does a lot. Like I said, I like the mysteries and the characters themselves - just hoping some of the interpersonal angst dies down.

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