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Glorious Patchwork



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I'm not a quilter or a sewer (except when I have to sew on a button or something) and I've never made any of these. Some of the designs could be used as inspirations for kitting, which is probably why I bought it. There is no one better than Fassett at seeing images and patterns in the world and translating them into knits, e.g., the nails and screws displayed in small boxes in a Vietnam market on p. 6. The Roman Blocks quilt on p. 36 is incredible and if I saw it in a store I would probably ste

Comment 2:

Kaffe Fassett is a visionary when it comes to color. He sees things through different eyes. While some of his color combinations and business of the quilt tops could be offensive to some, I think that one has to see the brilliance of his work. I can look at this book over and over and come away with something new each and every time. For that I consider it a treasure. If you sew or love fabric this is one not to miss.

Comment 3:

I love looking at Kaffe Fassett's quilts but have never tried making one. The colors are often too gaudy for my tastes if I think about having them in my home. I love looking at them though. In this book and in Quilt stores they are beautiful.

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