Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451



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The writing wasn’t great; it was sometimes very boring and hard to go through even with the small amount of pages in the book, although the dialogues were fairly better. The setting was rather weird and badly explained, I thought it would have been better for the readers to have some kind of backstory about this dystopian society. Being so short, I felt the book didn’t really focused a lot in certain themes that should have been explored. They were there, of course, but some more development wou

Comment 2:

Un libro que con sus personajes y mensajes nos recuerda la importancia de los libros y más aún, de lo que contienen. Tan maravillosos como peligrosos es esta distopia que me encanto. Toca tantos temas y los aborda de una manera tan adecuada que me atrapó sin darme cuenta. Un mundo donde son los bomberos quienes provocan incendios y destruyen libros, pues estos interfieren con la felicidad de las personas y eso al gobierno no le conviene. Montag lleva una existencia monótona, predecible, feliz y

Comment 3:

Some books are about great ideas, and some are about great characters, with a powerful, well-crafted plot. Some books manage to do both. Farenheit 451, the temperature at which paper will burn, is one of the former kinds of books, I think. Science fiction, it’s a kind of allegory of democratic ideas, a warning to mankind in the shadow of WWII and the Holocaust and Hiroshima, written in 1953, less than a decade after that horrific war ended, and in the midst of the McCarthy hearings, which had a

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