Evolution's Darling

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Evolution's Darling



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Evolution's Darling surprised and thrilled me. (Although warning it was quite a bit more adult that I expected, even having read some of Westerfeld's other adult novels.) The concepts were brilliant and the characters powerful. Lots of moments of confusion while I tried to figure out what the heck I was reading about now as the POV shifted between scenes, some to very sparse scenes of entirely dialogue but what I finished was well worth all the effort. I always say this after finishing any of hi

Comment 2:

That was a weird read. That's really all there is to say. There are some interesting storylines, but a lot of them get dropped and a lot of them have vague resolutions. You can see the early formings of Scott Westerfeld's writing, but the quality definitely goes up in his other novels. I'm probably always going to be kind of annoyed by the fact that we get NO resolution or even mention of the lithomorphs later in the book. Why mention such interesting creatures and set them up to be the big myst

Comment 3:

A very... interesting book. The rather disjointed style, hopping between times and places and perspectives, threw me a bit at first, but eventually the thread binding it together became clear. Very much a scifi novel. It reminded me rather of Ray Bradbury, which was disconcerting especially because I hadn't really thought of Scott Westerfield as doing scifi before, though at that Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras is rather in the realm of science fiction. I don't really know what to say besides th

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