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I'm not usually much one for this genre, but I found the cover and the premise of Scottish romance too exciting to not pick it up. The plot is rather complicated and multifaceted, definitely melodramatic at times. It was both what I expected of it and more than I expected of it. The way Lachlan's manner of speaking is written might have some truth to it but is humorous enough to distract from the intended intensity of some scenes. But don't worry! You're given a glossary to explain this that doe

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I didn't love the first book in this story but I do love the world that Madden creates. The idea that he loved her just from seeing her in the painting- a love that transcends living. Very romantic. And I do love me a man with an accent.

Comment 3:

"It was Okay" was the star rating I chose. To be fair, it had to be the cover that initially drew my eye. It's a hologram. I've never seen a book actually have a hologram for the cover.

Comment 4:

Just a so, so quick read. Of course, I have become really spoiled for good fiction after reading primarily books by Diana Gabaldon for the last year!

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